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SUMITUBE® is designed to provide an excellent electrical, chemical and mechanical protection for harnessing in automotive and electrical cables in electronic industries. SUMITUBE® is a heat shrinkable thin wall tubing, available as single- and dual wall (with inner liner adhesive) version. Special SUMITUBE® can be used also for marking purposes.

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IRRAX® are irradiated products available as heat shrinkable tubes (Sleeves), non heat shrinkable tubes (Tubes) and Tapes.

IRRAX® Sleeves are medium and thick wall heat shinkable tubes used for stress control, bus bar insulation of power cable accessories (joints and terminations) up to 36kV and mechanical protection.

IRRAX® Tubes are non heat shrinkable, cross-linked tubes, wich provide excellent electrical and mechanical protection for wires in particular for automotive industry.

IRRAX® Tapes are flame retardant, cross-linked PVC tapes that can be used for electrical and mechanical protection of wires up to 105°C.

IRRAX® Sleeves
IRRAX® Tubes
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