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About SESP
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About SESP

SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Schrumpf-Produkte GmbH (SESP) belongs to SUMITOMO ELECTRIC FINE POLYMER INC (SFP) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES LTD. (SEI) located in Japan. SEI is a global acting company with more than 250,000 employees in over 40 countries.

SESP was established in 1989 with its main facility in Norderstedt and a second manufacturing location in Wedel both in Hamburg area.

The business objective of the SUMITOMO group is to extend and strengthen the market presence in the area of heat shrink technology on the European market.

Within a few years SESP developed itself to one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

All manufacturing parts from extrusion and irradiation to expansion and all required refinements can be executed from here.Therefore we are in the position to react flexible on the individual requirements of our customers.

We look forward to advising you in search of the product complying with your requirements.


Quality philosophy

Our companies success is based on the highest priority to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

Since 1999 we introduced a quality management based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. We complement and improve our services continuous.


Global network
SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Shrink products have found their markets and applications all over the world. To meet the differing market requirements, SUMITUBE® is manufactured and marked by

  • SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Fine Polymer Inc. (SFP) in Japan,
  • SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Interconnect Products, Inc. (SEIP) in USA for the amerikan markets,
  • Sumi-Pac Corporation in Taiwan,
  • SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Fine Polymer (Suzhou) Ltd. (SFPZ) in China and
  • SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Schrumpf-Produkte GmbH (SESP) in Germany.



950, Asashironishi 1-chome,
Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun,
Osaka 590-0458, Japan
TEL: 81 (724) 52 - 1301
FAX: 81 (724) 53 - 0397



SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Interconnect Products, Inc.
915 Armorlite Drive
San Marcos, California 92069
TEL: 1 (760) 761 - 0600
FAX: 1 (760) 761 - 0626



No. 15, Industrial 5th Road,
Hsin-chu Enlarge Industrial Park,
Hu Ko Hsian, Hsin-chu Hsien, Taiwan 30352
TEL: 886 (3) 598 - 4165
FAX: 886 (3) 598 - 4168
SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Fine Polymer (Suzhou) Ltd. (SFPZ)
No.232 Jinfeng Road
New District,Suzhou, Jiangsu
215129 China
86 (512) 8919 - 6680 
86 (512) 8919 - 6686